Workstation mat, blue fabric

Improve workplace experience with ErgoFinland workstation mat. Promotes ergonomic health. Crafted from high-quality polyurethane and 100% PVC-free.

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Dimensions: 550mm x 780mm x 18mm

Material: High-Quality Polyurethane

Surface: 100% Polypropylene

ErgoFinland Workstation mat, blue fabric

Experience the unparalleled transformation of your workspace with the Premium ErgoMat Pro - Customised Workstation Mat. This exceptional mat transcends the norms to become an indispensable asset for your professional environment. Its significance extends far beyond a mere standing surface, as it becomes a defining element in the enhancement of your physical and mental well-being at work. Designed to offer optimal comfort and ergonomic support, this mat advocates for a healthy workspace, effectively easing the strain on your feet, legs, and back during prolonged work periods. Boasting generous dimensions of 550mm x 780mm x 18mm, it seamlessly integrates into most workspaces. Additionally, bespoke custom orders are available in larger sizes such as 850mm x 1500mm and 850mm x 2850mm, ensuring a tailored fit for your unique space. Crafted from high-quality polyurethane with a resilient 100% polypropylene surface, this mat guarantees enduring comfort and durability. The meticulous selection of materials ensures a robust surface that withstands daily wear and tear, while providing a consistently comfortable standing experience. Laser-focused on health and safety, this mat is manufactured using 100% PVC- and phthalate-free materials, safeguarding your work environment from harmful substances. For added convenience, the mat can be easily cleaned at temperatures up to 60 degrees, accommodating machine wash, vacuuming, and steam cleaning options for enduring freshness. Backed by a generous 2-year warranty, the Premium ErgoMat Pro instils utmost confidence in its exceptional durability and superior quality. Embrace the opportunity to furnish yourself and your colleagues with the encouragement and support they deserve by investing in this customised workstation mat today. Your physical well-being and peace of mind will thank you for this thoughtful addition to your workspace.

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Improve workplace experience with ErgoFinland workstation mat. Promotes ergonomic health. Crafted from high-quality polyurethane and 100% PVC-free.

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Workstation mat, blue fabric Sale price1 616 kr

2 years

Dimensions (L x W x H)

78 x 55 x 1.8 cm

Package weight

1.8 kg

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100% PVC - ja ftalaattivapaa

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