Guidance and product support - ergonomic knowledge

We want to ensure that the use of the products we supply is ergonomic and that the solutions are functional. We offer guidance on the identification, selection and implementation of products both on-site and remotely.We also strive to keep our partners and customers updated on product developments and new innovations. We offer guidance and consultation by appointment, either for individual employees personally or for the whole workforce at once.

Ergonomics needs and requirements are constantly changing, so a comprehensive work environment requires continuous updating and training. We conduct various information and training events and webinars on ergonomics and well-being at work. We also tailor company-specific training for different needs. In addition, we produce various ergonomics guides to help find the right solutions. The guides are suitable both for occupational health services and for professionals responsible for corporate wellbeing at work. Whether it is a major or minor project in ergonomic solutions, our experts are always ready to help!

Comprehensive and individual guidance

Ergonomic guidance

The guidance covers basic guidelines for ergonomic working positions and the use of work tools. Our experts provide guidance and consultation either on site, in our showroom or remotely.

Customized information packages

We tailor information packages to suit the needs of our clients and partners. The packages can be delivered in digital or printed format. We also offer lectures on ergonomics for different needs, either live or remotely.

Webinars and online materials

We organize various webinars on well-being at work and also make use of our cooperation network. On our website, we offer various materials and guides free of charge, making access to information quick and easy.

We support and guide you in ergonomic solutions

You can choose the appropriate services for your needs:

1. Personalized guidance and product support
2. Comprehensive guidance for the whole organization
3. Information on new innovations and product development
4. Information sessions, webinars and product guides
5. Follow-up and collection of feedback on implemented solutions
6. Product support and user guidance

Please select the options that best match your needs or contact us for further customized solutions.

Why choose ErgoFinland?

Thank you for choosing ErgoFinland for your ergonomic needs. We are dedicated to delivering high quality and effective ergonomics solutions for your organization, whether it is a small or large project. We offer flexible and customized services to meet your specific needs and objectives.

"I needed quick help with my mouse arm and got an effective solution from ErgoFinland with the help of their experts."
"Our organization's workplace renewal became cost-effective and functional with the help of a survey and product support from an expert at ErgoFinland."

We look forward to working with you to create a better and healthier working environment for your organization.

I needed quick help with my mouse arm and got an effective solution from ErgoFinland with the help of their experts.
Our organization's workplace renewal was built cost-effectively and efficiently with the help of ErgoFinland's expert mapping and product support.

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