HILO FLEXWALL - The world's only height-adjustable floor screen booth

With HILO FLEXWALL floor screen booths, the office is provided with an uncompromising embracing sound absorber and workplace screening for full individual control and the needed peace for work in office landscapes and workplaces with an activity-based way of working.

With HILO FLEXWALL, it becomes as easy as it is obvious to perform multiple tasks in the same place, both to collaborate and to work individually and undisturbed without having to engage in interruptions and movements. The company saves expensive square meters while productivity increases. Activities and tasks that traditionally required moving to group rooms and quiet rooms can be performed without moving away from the desk and workgroup. In the wake of Covid 19, the need to create distance and reduce contact surfaces increases. HILO contributes to densifying the office but also reduces flows and keeps workgroups and departments separated from each other.