Warranty policy

The product is covered by the warranty if it proves to be defective despite being used correctly. The warranty period is 1-5 years depending on the product, counted from the purchase date of the product from an authorized dealer. To claim compensation based on this warranty, the customer must take the product before the end of the warranty period to the retailer from which the unit was purchased. Alternatively, the product can also be delivered directly to the importer:

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Warranty Returns
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The customer must send the product to the retailer or importer at their own risk and bear all costs incurred during the transportation of the product.

The warranty does not cover the following items, and the customer is obligated to pay for repair costs even for defects that occur during the warranty period mentioned above:
(a) Faults due to improper use (such as performing an operation not specified in the handling instructions or other parts of the instructions, etc.)
(b) Faults that result from repair, modification, cleaning, etc., performed by anyone other than an authorized service center. The warranty becomes void if the product is disassembled.
(c) Defect or damage caused by shipping, dropping, impacts, etc., after the purchase of the product.
For warranty returns, a fault report must be filled out.

If a specific part of the product is broken (and it can be removed), only the broken part will be returned. For example, the backrest of a chair or the leg of a lamp.