OPTAPAD® is a new type of ergonomic mouse that combines optical technology with ergonomic design. It features a glass touchpad reminiscent of smartphones and tablets, making handling easy and natural. With its wing-shaped wrist supports and the centered work surface, Optapad prevents and alleviates tension, pain, and aches in shoulders, neck, and shoulders.

Thanks to the ergonomic design, you achieve a good working posture and a natural pattern of movement. Use Optapad to avoid mouse arm, tennis elbow, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

  • Unique ergonomic design and configuration
  • Manages functions and movements we're accustomed to from phones and tablets
  • Glass touchpad for frictionless movement
  • Optical technology provides unique precision and speed
  • No moving parts – durable and wear-resistant
  • The market's thinnest centered control device
  • Detachable and interchangeable wrist supports
  • Software to customize functions/settings to your preferences
  • Made in Sweden