Advance 2.0



Do you have pain in your neck, shoulders, arms, or wrist?

The ergonomic mouse that helps, with outstanding ergonomics.

More and more people spend their entire days in front of a screen working. We move too little and sit too much in static positions that we are not built for. Many experience problems with pain in the arm, shoulder, and neck.

Mousetrapper has a mission: No one should have to suffer due to a poor work posture. Together, we can fight the pain – experience Mousetrapper.

Why Mousetrapper?

Mousetrapper is the mouse alternative that prevents mouse arm and other issues that can arise from working with a traditional computer mouse. The centered placement of Mousetrapper in front of the keyboard provides a good ergonomic working posture with the arms close to the body and hands near the keyboard.

Thanks to this, you can both prevent and often alleviate the strain injuries that can occur when working outside your own shoulder width – which you do with a regular computer mouse. Therefore, you no longer need to reach out for the mouse on the desk. The wide and soft wrist support simultaneously offers support and relief for the neck, shoulders, arms, and wrist.

Without Mousetrapper

With Mousetrapper




Delta's wide, unique carbon fiber Control Bar has a soft structure that helps you work precisely and efficiently. The resolution of 4000 dpi makes it easy to scroll, click, and zoom, giving you an exceptionally precise feel when working. The six programmable buttons give you the freedom to create creative shortcuts that make work easier. It's easy to change the functions of the buttons via MT Keys. Delta has a USB hub for charging and connecting other devices.

Advance 2.0

Advance 2.0 is the bestseller, available in two different designs with elegant accent colors in either white or coral. Advance 2.0 relieves and prevents mouse arm and other problems that can arise from working with a traditional computer mouse. A total of 6 programmable buttons give you the opportunity to customize your Mousetrapper exactly how you want it. Download the app and set up button functions, user profiles, and much more.


Everything you want from a Mousetrapper and a bit more. With 8 programmable buttons, you have significantly more opportunities to get your Mousetrapper just the way you want it. With Prime, you have the option to work wirelessly via Bluetooth – of course, you can use the included USB-C cable for connection if you prefer that. Download our app MT Keys, and you can easily change the functions of all buttons, insert standard texts, user profiles, and much more. MT Keys is available for both Mac and PC.


Mousetrapper's most user-friendly mouse ever! Lite is the base product among Mousetrapper products and is adapted for a standard-sized keyboard. It is for those who do not need more than right-click and scroll, as well as the click function available on Mousetrapper's unique control pad. Lite also features soft, relieving wrist supports available in titanium gray or red.