From assessment to implementation and guidance

Comprehensive workspace improvement

Our aim is to ensure that every project is successful and that the incorporation of ergonomic solutions brings long-term benefits to clients.

For us, projects are not just about implementation. We combine our multidisciplinary know-how and experience in projects. The aim is to create working environments that not only look good, but promote health. Each project is unique and by working together we can tailor the workspace to the optimum.

Our Services Include:

1. Planning

Needs assessment

Let's make an initial assessment of what the aim of the project is. We offer tailor-made solutions for both home offices and head offices.

Proposed solutions

Innovative, customised furniture and ergonomic solutions, adapted as required.

Scheduling and budgeting

Efficient planning, taking into account budget, project schedule and scope, logistics and installation aspects.

2. Comprehensive Implementation

Logistics management

All logistical arrangements are handled smoothly and efficiently.

Expert installation service

Professional installation service for both home offices and headquarters.

Quality control

High quality implementation and continuous quality monitoring. Our products are designed for professional use and guarantee longevity.

3. Ongoing support

User training

Comprehensive training for staff on the correct use of new solutions.

Monitoring and feedback

Regular monitoring and feedback ensure long-term satisfaction and effectiveness.

Continuous updates and support

Provision of ongoing support and updates once the project is completed.

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Why Choose Us?

ErgoFinland has a solid multi-professional team and years of experience in the industry. Our strengths are innovation, versatile solutions and technical expertise in the design of workspaces. Our projects do not end with installation. We provide support and guidance and are committed to consulting on the continuous improvement of workspaces. Each project is a journey, which we take together from start to finish. Our aim is to be a reliable and long-term partner.

We have decades of experience in creating better working environments and facilities. We understand the importance of ergonomics in traditional office environments, telecommuting and other working environments. Our comprehensive service, flexibility and commitment to customer satisfaction ensure that every project delivers optimal results, improving the ergonomics and efficiency of work environments.