Aeris is a German family company known for high-quality, stylish seating solutions that enhance mobility. Aeris is driven by the goal of keeping our bodies in constant motion. The products and solutions enable movement exactly where it is least expected but needed the most – while sitting. Aeris brings the secret ingredient to a more active, healthier, and happier life.

Aeris Swopper

The Aeris Swopper is a classic among office chairs. Beyond its design, it features genuine Aeris 3D technology. This allows for movements in all three directions: forwards, sideways, and even vertically. The chair's unique ability to move up and down, the so-called vertical bouncing or "bouncing," stimulates the natural compression of the spine when walking or running. Sitting in this manner keeps your back muscles and intervertebral discs nourished.

Aeris 3Dee

The Aeris 3Dee allows movement in all three dimensions - sideways, forwards, backwards, and vertically. The comfortable, semi-high backrest with individually adjustable lumbar support is ideal for achieving better posture. The 3Dee facilitates unlimited movement, encourages deeper breathing, improves blood circulation, and boosts metabolism. Since the chair's hinge is so close to the floor, the upper body can move in all directions, while the back remains naturally straight, even when leaning forward. It enables flexible lateral movement, extends reach, and ensures an optimal seating position in relation to the work surface, keeping your muscles, intervertebral discs, tendons, and joints in good condition.

Aeris Numo

The Aeris Numo chair, which has won several design awards (IF Award, Iconic Awards, Reddot Award, German Design Award), adapts to every sitter. It follows the body's movements, tilting gently forward and backward, supporting movement on the chair. With Numo, you don't sit still but remain in slight motion all the time. The chair is also available with an ergonomic seat cushion in a color that matches the seat or in a striking contrast color. The seat cushion is not just a splash of color for the design chair, but also optimizes the sitting position thanks to its convex shape. The non-slip coating prevents the cushion from sliding on the seat.

Aeris Oyo

Whether as a visitor chair for offices and meeting rooms or as a rocking chair for the home. With its elegant design and saddle seat, the Aeris Oyo cuts a fine figure everywhere. It offers a completely new concept of sitting and convinces not only functionally but also ergonomically. This modern rocking chair keeps everyone moving and encourages different sitting positions - forward, sideways or backwards. Thanks to its curved shell shape with integrated backrest, the Oyo invites you to linger in comfort. Configure your favourite Oyo from two different frame colours and colourful fabric covers.

Aeris Muvman

No other standing support offers such versatile height adjustment as Muvman. Regardless of the person's height and the height of the work surface, both sitting and standing positions can be individually adjusted. Thanks to its lightweight construction, the chair can easily be moved from one place to another thanks to the comfortable carrying handle. Aeris Muvman is a patented innovation in terms of design and functionality: robust base, flexible joint, forward-tilting gas spring, and smart seat cushion. The sturdy base plate is equipped with non-slip rubber, which provides a secure grip when moving on the chair – and it also protects the floor.

Muvman Industry is designed for use in production, assembly, and laboratory facilities. Durable material and easy to clean. Resistant to most chemicals and disinfectants.

Aeris Muvmat

Standing on a hard floor is also hard work for your body. To make standing comfortable, Aeris has developed the workplace mat Muvmat. Muvmat has two layers, the lower layer being molded cellular polypropylene, which creates a forest-like mound under the foot. The upper layer is polyurethane that softens the mat without losing the mat's unique effect. This mat is excellent for adjustable workstations and other places where you stand for extended periods. The 3D structure in Muvmat activates the reflex areas on the soles of the feet, relaxes the muscles, and keeps the body in motion, as if you were walking on a forest path.

Aeris Swoppster

Swoppster is an ergonomic office chair for children, designed specifically for the needs of preschool and elementary school children - for activity and fun. It is height adjustable for children from 15 kg to 50 kg, max height 160 cm. Thanks to its flexible structure, Aeris Swoppster promotes the mobility of the spine. The chair's movements up and down resemble the natural movement of walking or running. This strengthens the back and muscles. The chair's directions of movement promote physical and mental development, as movement has been shown to increase concentration and improve learning. This ergonomic office chair for children enables healthy and active sitting from an early age.