Seat Guard


Seat Guard micro-breaks is a new health innovation to prevent excessive sitting. Seat Guard is a technically smart device that connects to the Interstuhl seat cushion. This creates a perfect combination for healthy sitting on any surface. Place the device in the seat cover pocket on the cushion. The cushion has a non-slip base, which increases the comfort of the seat. The eco-friendly, high-quality seat cushion can be machine washed at 30°C

It is a proven fact that today we sit more than ever. Many studies show that it is recommended to break up sitting every 30 minutes. Only by rhythmicizing can you avoid sitting, which is harmful to your health. The Seat Guard device does not need to be programmed or installed separately, making it user-friendly for anyone and any age.

The device is pre-set to vibrate after you have sat continuously for 30 minutes. The Seat Guard device also ensures that you stay away from sitting for at least 2 minutes. By breaking up your sitting for at least two minutes every 30 minutes, you will achieve significant health benefits. Sit down and when you feel the vibrations, stand up and take a break.

- No disturbing noise
- Includes micro USB cable for charging
- Long charging interval
- Should only be charged once every two months (do not use while charging)

Seat Guard micro-break is a Finnish innovation, made in Finland. Interstuhl is a German manufacturer of high-quality office chairs and meeting room furniture.