Muvman active chair, Black artificial leather

Groundbreaking ergonomic solution for adaptable sitting/standing.

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Offers height adjustability for sitting and standing positions

Boasts effortless mobility due to its lightweight construction

Provides stability and flexibility through a forward-leaning gas spring

Aeris Muvman active chair, Black artificial leather

Discover the extraordinary Aeris Muvman, a groundbreaking innovation that revolutionises the ergonomic landscape in the workplace. With a focus on adaptability and flexibility, this exceptional support system ensures individual comfort and well-being. Whether you're engaged in extended desk work or transitioning between standing and sitting tasks, the Muvman facilitates effortless and comfortable posture adjustments, providing unparalleled support. Its lightweight design and convenient carrying handle not only enhance mobility but also contribute to improved flexibility and efficiency in your daily workflow. Stability is a defining feature of the Muvman, showcased by its cutting-edge construction, including a flexible joint, forward-leaning gas spring, and intelligent seat cushion, all of which contribute to a customisable and ergonomic workspace. The robust base plate with non-slip material not only safeguards the floor but also ensures a secure grip, offering enhanced safety during movement. What distinguishes the Aeris Muvman is its ability to encourage continuous micro-movements, promoting spinal flexibility and optimal blood circulation, thereby creating an exceptional ergonomic work environment. With its durable build, users can confidently lean in different directions, benefitting from heightened flexibility and safety. Adjustable between 51-84 cm, with a seat measuring 34 x 32 cm, the Muvman offers a bespoke fit for every user. The microfibre fabric of the seat cushion boasts an impressive 150,000 Martindale abrasion resistance, ensuring long-lasting comfort and durability through frequent use. Featuring a footplate width of 38 cm and a weight of 6.3 kg, the Muvman provides a stable base while remaining easily manoeuvrable. Supported by an impressive 3-year warranty and boasting a weight capacity of 120 kg, the Aeris Muvman provides enduring and reliable performance. Maintenance is simple, with easy cleaning using a damp cloth and a 50% water and 50% alcohol-based solution, ensuring sustained quality and performance. Unveil the perfect ergonomic work environment with Aeris Muvman, delivering unmatched adaptability and flexibility.

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Groundbreaking ergonomic solution for adaptable sitting/standing.

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