SwingFit saddle chair

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Salli SwingFit saddle chair

SwingFit saddle chair's ergonomic seat moves with your movements – exercise the deep muscles of your back and abdomen during the workday. The seat adapts to the body's movements, and various forward and side bends strengthen the muscles of the lower back, pelvic area, and abdomen. The seat that moves with your movements helps maintain the natural curve of the back even in tasks that require reaching forward. The two-part seat that moves with your movements. The seat width is adjustable. The seat is made of black leather. The SwingFit saddle chair is also available with a lower gas spring and different colored leather or synthetic leather upholstery. Manual seat height adjustment with gas spring. The color of the gas spring and base is metal.

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SwingFit saddle chair Sale price9 475 kr


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