Upgrade your workspace to a new level with ErgoFinland

Seize the opportunity and the unique chance to transform your office space into a modern and comfortable showcase of employee well-being. ErgoFinland invites you to join a select group of our reference customers. Our customers are not cut from the same cloth, which is why we have comprehensive and diverse solutions for every individual need. We tailor the right solutions for everyone in collaboration, respecting the wishes and needs of the client.

Why should you join as our reference customer?

Renew with our unique solutions

Our ergonomic furniture and workspace solutions are at the core of design and quality. Whether it's a small office space or a larger complex, we find functional solutions that are also pleasing to the eye.

An expert partner

Our versatile solutions do not only increase job satisfaction but also support the well-being and work capacity of the staff. Our ergonomic solutions have been selected over decades, and our range includes high-quality brands we represent. The right kind of furniture and solutions optimize productivity and job satisfaction.

Be a pioneer in workplace well-being

Stand out as a company committed to optimizing the well-being of its employees. In the job market, well-being employees and a comfortable work environment are competitive advantages and improve your company's image.

Why is ErgoFinland's reference customer status worthwhile?

1. A wide range of solutions and services
You get exclusive benefits from our products and services, and we tailor solutions according to individual needs.

2. Free workspace photography
Get photos taken by a professional photographer of your renovated workspace, which supports you in marketing and boosting your company's image.

3. You get visibility on our platforms
Gain valuable visibility on our website and social media platforms, being an example in improving workspaces.

4. You get early access to new products
Enjoy first-hand access to our latest products, keeping your workspace at the forefront of development.

5. You receive an official badge
Earn a certificate for your commitment to creating an attractive and optimal work environment, thereby boosting your brand image as a desirable employer.

Ready for change and inspiration?

Your journey to becoming a reference customer starts here. Fill out the contact form below to express your interest. Our team will contact you to discuss how we can realize your vision together and optimize the right products and solutions.

Read a customer story:

Insplan Oy

Our client Insplan Oy expanded its operations last year, with which the office premises have also changed in some locations. Insplan's offices are located in eight different cities and they are Porvoo, Espoo, Turku, Tampere, Joensuu, Jyväskylä, Seinäjoki and Rovaniemi. We were involved in renewing the offices in Porvoo and Espoo. The well-being of the staff is very important to Insplan and this is why they chose ErgoFinland to design and implement ergonomic workstations for their offices.

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