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From our wide range of products, you can find solutions for all kinds of spaces and work environments. Our experts will assist you in using and selecting products, ensuring that you get the solution that suits your situation perfectly.

Office Furniture

Office furniture is an essential part of the comfort of the work environment. High-quality, ergonomic, and comfortable furniture plays a key role in the well-being and comfort of employees, which in turn positively reflects on business outcomes. It's especially important in office work that spaces and furniture allow working in different positions and enable movement during work. Alternating between sitting and standing increases activity and helps avoid excessive sedentariness.

Adjustable desks provide an easy way to change work positions at the same workstation. Electrically adjustable desks also have models with a timer function, allowing for planned alternation between sitting and standing positions throughout the workday. This promotes employee well-being and supports healthy physical activity at the workplace.

Sound-absorbing partitions provide visual privacy, isolate sound, and create a peaceful working environment at workstations. They also affect the acoustics of the entire room. The range of partitions includes floor partitions, desk partitions, and electrically height-adjustable partitions that can be placed around a desk. Partitions are highly versatile as they are easily movable and offer various configuration options. Partition solutions effectively dampen disturbing noises, improve peace of work and privacy. Additionally, they can be used to divide the workspace, such as in open-plan offices, improving the comfort of the work environment.

Office cabinets and storage solutions help keep the work environment and workstations organized and tidy. This helps maintain a calm overall appearance of the workstation, and concentration on work improves when extra items and supplies can be hidden away in cabinets.

Säädettävät pöydät mahdollistavat helpollatavalla sekä seisomatyön ja istumatyön samassatyöpisteessä, eli mitään erillisiä siirtymiä ei tarvita, jottaseisomatyö ja istumatyö voidaan yhdistää.

Sermit luovat työrauhaa ja hoitavat ääneneristyksen,ilman seiniä ja verhoja. Sermit ovat monikäyttöisiä, koskane ovat helposti siirrettäviä ja asetusvaihtoehtoja löytyyjokaiseen tarpeeseen. Toimistokaappien avulla saa työ-pisteen pidettynä tyhjänä ja siistinä. Työpisteen yleisilmepysyy rauhallisena ja keskittyminen itse työhön pysyyfokuksessa, kun ylimääräiset häiriötekijät saadaan piilo-tettua kaappeihin.

Standing Work

Standing is more active than sitting, but it's important to pay attention to how one stands and for how long. Standing in the same position for a prolonged period strains the lower limbs and back. The strain from standing work can be alleviated with ergonomic solutions designed to make standing work less taxing. Products for standing work promote active working and reduce the strain caused by standing.

Sitting Work

Sitting work is often passive, so it's good to take breaks from sitting. It's important to use a good office chair in sitting work, which supports the user's body optimally. Activity can be added to sitting work with adjustable chairs, active chairs, and saddle chairs. Even with an ergonomic office chair, it's advisable to change positions in sitting work. Ergonomic office chairs properly support the body, allow for movement, prevent musculoskeletal diseases, and improve concentration and work efficiency.

Adjustable Desks

Adjustable desks allow for variation in working positions. Work can be done standing, sitting, or in a semi-standing position. There are electrically adjustable desks, gas spring-adjustable desks, or adjustable work surfaces that can be placed on top of a table. There are also electrically adjustable frames that can utilize an existing tabletop or have a new tabletop placed on them.

Partitions and Drawer Units

Partitions and drawer units provide excellent solutions for organizing workspaces, improving cleanliness, and enhancing privacy. At the same time, they contribute to workplace ergonomics and the efficiency of workspaces.

Ergonomic tools

In the office, an employee's tools most often include a laptop, a separate monitor, mouse, keyboard, lamp, and possible supports such as wrist rests or elbow rests. Everyone has their own preferences for what tools they use to make their work as smooth as possible. A wide variety of options are available. Tools are significant to ensure that work is appropriately demanding, to streamline work, and to prevent strain injuries. We offer a wide range of options to meet various needs and preferences.

Work posture can be improved and supported by various supports. Our selection includes wrist rests, elbow rests, foot rests, and back supports. With the help of supports, existing pain conditions can be eased or avoided, and the onset of repetitive strain injuries can be prevented.


The mouse plays an important role in terminal work. We offer a wide range of ergonomic mice. Designed to reduce shoulder, arm and wrist strain, the ergonomic mouse supports the joints of the upper limbs in a natural position. The aim of an ergonomic mouse is to avoid neck and shoulder strain and to avoid strain injuries and pain in the mouse hand.


Ergonomically designed keyboards are intended to prevent strain injuries and reduce the effects of repetitive strain. Keyboards are an essential part of working with computers and it is essential that they are right for the user and suitable for the task at hand.


Ergonomic supports provide the extra support and comfort you need at your workstation. Their aim is to improve the working posture and reduce daily stress.


Inadequate lighting can cause fatigue and headaches. Lighting at the workstation plays a major role in visual ergonomics. Often, general lighting is not sufficient to provide the necessary light. Task lighting reduces eye strain, prevents headaches and improves concentration. Lighting plays a major role in work performance. We have a wide range of task lights to meet a variety of needs.


Accessories include security screens, monitor arms and various stands and accessories.

A security screen, or side view screen, allows you to work with peace of mind even when you're surrounded by people. The screen protector is an easy to place film on your screen that prevents others around you from seeing what's on your screen. Security screens come in many sizes, including those for touchscreens.

Screen stands, concept stands and other stands can be used to improve ergonomics and keep your workstation tidy.

Working on a laptop is commonplace and location-independent. Ergonomic considerations are particularly important when working with laptops. Laptop stands help and enable ergonomic working with laptops. It should be remembered that a separate keyboard and mouse must be used to ensure an overall good working posture.

Screen arms and other support equipment can be used to create ergonomically individualised workstations to support the working posture.
Working on a laptop is very common and therefore ergonomics should also be remembered when working on a laptop.Laptop stands help and enable ergonomic working on a laptop too!
Many people work in open offices and there especially hygiene should be taken into account. We have a wide range of cleaning and hygiene products especially for offices.


A security screen protector is an additional film that can be installed on desktop or laptop screens to protect them from dust and scratches. They also have an important feature; a filter that completely blacks out the screen when the viewing angle from the side exceeds 60 degrees. It also reduces blue light on the screen by at least 35%.

Display arms and stands

Display arms improve visual ergonomics by providing an optimal viewing angle. At the same time, the neck/shoulder area is brought into a natural position by positioning the screen at the right height. They also free up desk space,
Laptop stands make mobile working more ergonomic. They allow you to change your working position and improve ergonomics when working with the laptop in different positions.

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