A Finnish innovation for activating the entire body, made of natural fiber composite. Actively using Gymba is equivalent to slow walking in terms of muscle activity.

Gymba is a new and healthier way to work. It's a revolutionary activity board that helps you to move while you work. You are constantly exercising at your workplace, and your metabolism and blood circulation are activated. You burn much more calories with Gymba than when sitting or standing statically still. Your concentration and motivation improve, all while you feel more energized. Gymba is elastic and is completely manufactured and developed in Finland. Thanks to its elasticity, Gymba allows for more versatile movement.

The Gymba activity board is designed to help you stand properly. It's easy to use, just place the board under your feet. Gymba helps you activate your standing and adapts to your weight. Place the Gymba activity board at your standing workstation under your feet and work as usual. The board helps you to stand correctly and not to tense your legs or back as much. If possible, stand on the Gymba activity board for half of your time. Gymba removes pain, your posture improves, deep muscles are automatically activated, and the condition of the whole body improves. The effects will be noticed after just a few days of use. This is proven by clinical trials and extensive testing.

Gymba comes with massage balls that relieve muscle pain and stiffness in the legs. Gymba massage balls increase blood circulation and relieve stress and tension. It is recommended to use them in short intervals for the first few times and gradually increase usage depending on how it feels. The massage balls come in two types of hardness because every body reacts differently to different densities.

Benefits for the Gymba user:

Lowers the threshold

To stand up and work, which has a positive effect for healthier sustainable standing work.

Active and versatile

Through its elasticity that increases movement and reduces sickness absence.

Activates the whole body

Especially the deep muscles in the back and abdomen.


Your posture, balance, and muscle activity.


Blood circulation and also helps you activate metabolism.


Diseases of the skeleton and muscles.


Fat metabolism, thereby reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Increases job satisfaction

Reduces work-related sickness absence and helps you increase concentration.