A guide to choosing an ergonomic desk

Ergonomics is crucial in office furniture and directly affects work efficiency and comfort. Choosing a desk is as important as choosing a comfortable chair. This guide will help you select a desk that meets your work requirements and positively contributes to your overall work wellbeing and environment.

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Key Features to Consider

Height Adjustment Features

Ensure the desk you choose offers a sufficiently wide height adjustment range. The desk's adjustable height should accommodate both sitting and standing work. When sitting, the desk should adjust low enough, and conversely high enough for standing work relative to your height.

Desk Size

Choose a desk that fits your workspace. There are large corner desks, compact electric desks, and desks suitable for small spaces available. Check that the desk easily accommodates necessary work tools, such as computers, monitors, printers, and documents.

Desk Stability

Ensure the desk is stable and durable. It should not wobble or feel unstable when adjusting the height or using it in different positions.Key Features to Consider

Other Features:


Compare prices of different models. Ensure you're getting value for your money, but don't compromise on quality.

Additional Features

Some adjustable desks come with extra features, such as USB ports, a memory controller, and optional cable trays. Consider which features are important to you.

Material and Quality

Pay attention to the desk materials to ensure they are high quality and durable. The surface material should also be easy to clean.

Adjustment Mechanism

Check the desk's adjustment mechanism. There are various options, such as electric, gas spring, and manual desks. There are also height-adjustable desk platforms that sit on top of the desk.


Check the desk's warranty. Quality desks typically offer a longer warranty period.

Delivery and Assembly

Check delivery costs and review any assembly instructions. In some cases, you might need help assembling the desk.

If possible, test the desk at ErgoFinland's showroom. This way, you can ensure its suitability, comfort, and functionality.

How to Choose the Right Desk

When choosing a suitable desk, consider the following factors:

Workspace Compatibility

Measure your workspace to ensure the desk fits without crowding. Consider other furniture and movement space.

User Needs

Your desk should accommodate your specific tasks. For example, a graphic designer might need a larger desk for multiple monitors, while a writer might prefer a more compact space.

Ergonomics and Comfort

The desk height should align with your chair and body's ergonomic position to avoid strain. Rounded edges offer comfort and safety.

Budget and Benefits

While budget is an important consideration, it's crucial to view the desk as a long-term investment. A higher initial cost for quality and functionality can save money in the long term due to durability and ergonomics. Investing in quality reduces repair costs and prevents health-related expenses.

ErgoFinland offers a wide range of ergonomic desks. Examples of our popular models:

GetUpDesk Duo

GetUpDesk Duo is a high-quality electrically adjustable frame with two quiet motors. Electric desk legs bring movement to your workstation and improve ergonomics. Colors: Black, gray, and white. Desk tops available in various sizes 700-900mm x 1100-2000 mm.


GetUpDesk Elite

GetUpDesk Elite is a high-quality electric desk with a single motor. The package includes a pre-drilled desk top and frame.
Desk Top Size: 1200 x 600 mm | Colors: Black and white


GetUpDesk Tilt

GetUpDesk Tilt is an adjustable desk with gas spring height adjustment and also angle adjustment. The desk's front edge has a stopper to prevent items from falling when the desk top is tilted. Desk Top Size: 600 x 520 mm | Colors: Black and white


GetUpDesk Move

GetUpDesk Move is a manually adjustable desk that is foldable, easily movable, and transferable.
Desk Top Size: 900 x 450 mm | Colors: Black and white


GetUpDesk Light

GetUpDesk Light is an adjustable desk top. It allows working standing up when there is no height-adjustable desk available. GetUpDesk Light is developed for laptop users to reduce sitting time and offer variability in working posture.


Electric frames

Various electrically adjustable frames are available: three-legged, two-legged, and Z-frame. Desk tops for frames available in different sizes, according to workspace and individual needs.


Desk tops

Desk tops are available in different sizes and shapes: rectangular, corner desk top, and L-shaped. Custom sizes are also available as needed.


Typical questions customers have when choosing a desk:

What is the suitable height for a desk?

The ideal height depends on the user's height, but generally, it's recommended that when sitting, the elbows are at desk level, allowing the arms to rest comfortably and naturally.

Do I need an adjustable desk?

An adjustable desk is advisable, especially if you spend long periods at your desk. It offers the flexibility to change positions and promotes better ergonomics. With an adjustable desk, you can work sitting, on an active chair, and standing.

How do I choose the desk material?

The choice depends on your budget and preferences. It's important to consider eco-friendliness and environmental factors. Check that the desk top material is from responsibly managed forests. Laminate is easy to clean.

Choosing the right desk is an important decision that affects your daily work efficiency and comfort. By selecting the right desk, you can improve your work ergonomics, increase productivity, and reduce health risks. Remember, a desk is a long-term investment in your work environment and, more importantly, in your own well-being.

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