A guide to choosing an ergonomic mouse

The purpose of an ergonomic mouse is to increase comfort and promote the possibility to work in a natural position. It is designed to reduce potential harmful effects, such as repetitive strain injuries and pain. It can improve work capacity in several ways.

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Benefits of an ergonomic mouse

Reduces strain

An ergonomic mouse is shaped to support the natural position of the hand and wrist. This reduces pressure in the carpal tunnel, joints, and muscles, which in turn reduces strain accumulated throughout the day. Long-term computer use with a traditional mouse can lead to wrist and hand strain, whereas an ergonomic mouse aims to minimize this strain.

Prevents musculoskeletal problems

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Improved circulation

An ergonomic mouse can promote better circulation in the hands and arms, which is important during long periods of computer work.

Improves working posture

An ergonomic mouse helps maintain the correct working posture, which is important to avoid neck-shoulder area and hand problems. The design of the mouse is intended to support a natural position and reduce the need to stretch or lead the body into uncomfortable positions.

Suitable for different users

Many ergonomic mice have adjustment and customization options, or they are designed to suit a wide range of users. This makes them more versatile and comfortable to use.

Reduces work-related injuries

An ergonomic mouse can help reduce the risk of work-related injuries, such as mouse hand syndrome, which often causes pain and numbness in the hands and fingers.

Improves productivity

A comfortable work environment and tools promote better concentration and reduce distractions. An ergonomic mouse can help create a more pleasant and faster way to work, which promotes better concentration and thus improves productivity.

Overall, an ergonomic mouse helps create a healthy and comfortable work environment, positively affecting the worker's well-being and work capacity.

Vertical mice

Why choose a vertical mice?

It's important to note that every user is unique. The best ergonomic vertical mouse varies according to individual preferences. The benefits of an ergonomic mouse can vary from person to person depending on their work habits, physique, and potential symptoms. Before making a purchase decision, it is good to test different models to ensure the mouse fits your needs, is the right size, and feels comfortable to use. It's good to note that there are ergonomic mice of different sizes and shapes, also for left-handed users.


An ergonomic vertical mouse is designed to fit naturally with the hand and wrist shapes. This can help reduce strain and tension during prolonged use. Traditional mice can force the user's wrist and arm into an unnatural position, leading to long-term pain.

Size and weight

A good ergonomic vertical mouse is appropriately sized to fulfill the hand's natural movements. The weight can also be balanced properly to avoid extra strain during use.

Button placement

Button placement is designed to ease the user's movements and reduce the need to grip or stretch. In some mouse models, the buttons are programmable.

Tilt and adjustability

Some ergonomic mice allow the user to tilt or adjust the mouse at different angles, which can help find the optimal position for the user.

Thumb support/pinky support

Some models include thumb or pinky support, which supports the hand's natural position and reduces strain.

Wireless option

A wireless ergonomic mouse gives the user more freedom of movement and reduces the clutter of tangled cords.

ErgoFinland offers a wide range of ergonomic vertical mice. Examples of our popular models:


OysterMouse is a unique ergonomic adjustable vertical mouse suitable for both left- and right-handed users. Oystermouse can be adjusted to five different angles, allowing the wrist's position to be adjusted individually and enabling an optimal position for the hand.


Comfi II

Comfi 2 is an ergonomic vertical mouse that is excellently suited for smaller hands. With the Comfi 2 mouse, the hand stays in a neutral position, and the wrist does not need to be twisted. The Comfi 2 mouse allows precise mouse work without compromising comfort.



iMouse is an ergonomic vertical mouse available in wireless and wired versions (also a left-handed model). It is easy to adopt and fits excellently in hand. The mouse guides the hand to a neutral, relaxed, and natural position. There is no twisting in the arm, and the wrist can be brought to an optimal position. The iMouse vertical mouse has 6 button commands.


Central mice

Why choose a central mice?

Ergonomic Design

Central mice combine a design that supports the natural position of the hand, wrist, and shoulder. This significantly reduces strain during prolonged use, making them ideal for daily work. The central mouse is placed in front of the keyboard, so the upper limbs are in an optimal position, and there's no need to stretch for the mouse.

Precision and Efficiency

The top-tier optical sensors of central mice ensure precise and smooth movement. This allows you to move across the screen quickly and accurately, essential for detailed image editing or complex design work.

Wireless Freedom

Many central mice offer wireless freedom, making it effortless to organize your desk. Forget about tangled wires and enjoy wireless freedom without sacrificing performance.

Stylish Design

The appearance of central mice is not just about performance. Their stylish and modern designs also make them visually appealing additions to your workspace.

Support for Diverse Uses

Central mice are suitable for various tasks, whether it's daily work, design work, gaming, or image editing. Their versatility makes them an ideal choice for many users.

DPI Adjustment

DPI (dots per inch) refers to the sensitivity of the mouse. Central mice usually feature adjustable DPI, so you can tailor the mouse's sensitivity to your preferences and the requirements of the application you're using.

Optical Sensor

High-quality optical sensors offer precise and smooth movement. This is particularly important for accurate image editing, design work, or gaming.

Central Mouse Models

There are bar-controlled, mat-controlled, and glass surface central mice, available according to your needs and preferences.

Examples of our popular models:


Delta brings a new dimension to Mousetrapper's wide range of ergonomic central mouse controllers. Its uniquely wide and soft carbon fiber control bar allows for precise and efficient work. Delta is an ecological option, made from recycled plastic.



BarMouse Silver Slim brings the mouse functions directly in front of you, reducing the need to extend your hands. The BarMouse allows you to work with your hands close to your body, lightening the load on the neck-shoulder area and preventing mouse arm problems.


Advance 2.0

Mousetrapper Advance 2.0 is a mat-controlled central mouse. It alleviates and prevents repetitive strain injuries, such as mouse arm and other issues that can arise when using a traditional mouse. Six programmable buttons allow you to customize the mouse controller to your liking.


What's the most important thing to consider when choosing an ergonomic mouse?

1. Choose a mouse that supports the body's natural position with its features, shape, and size, and is just right for you.

2. How long does a good ergonomic mouse last? Quality mice generally last several years. Check the manufacturer's warranty and service instructions to ensure longevity.

3. Try ergonomic mice before making a purchase. You can test most mouse models at ErgoFinland's showroom. Many retailers also offer the opportunity to try out mice before making a purchase. Trial periods at your workplace are available for business customers.

By choosing an ergonomic mouse, you invest not only in a high-quality tool but also in your well-being. Explore our wide range and find the mouse that makes your work smoother and more enjoyable!

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